The Foundations Course is designed to equip you with the technique and skills necessary to enroll in group CrossFit classes. If you have never done CrossFit before, then this is the place to begin. All new members unfamiliar with CrossFit will build a strong understanding of what to expect in our group classes. After Foundations, 6 classes over two weeks is included to encourage you to put into practice what you've learned in foundations. 

Topics to be covered

  • Dynamic Warm Up

  • Power Lifting (Squat, Press, Deadlift)

  • Gymnastic movements (Pull ups, Ring exercises)

  • Mono-structural movements (rowing, jump rope, running)

  • Olympic Lifting (Clean & Jerk, Snatch)

  • Stretching and Mobility

upcoming foundations courses

  • Jan 8 (T/Th) FULL

  • Jan 22 (T/Th)

  • Jan 28 (Mon/Wed/Fri)

The classes will meet following either a Mon/Wed/Fri schedule meeting in the morning from 7:30-8:30AM or a Tues/Thurs schedule in the evening from 7:00-8:30PM for two weeks. If you miss a class or two, make-ups are done one-on-one with a $40 fee. AM and PM classes are not interchangeable. 

Please note that morning classes run for 1 hour and evening classes run for 1.5 hours. 


If you’re a seasoned CrossFitter and/or feel confident performing basic gymnastic movements, power and olympic lifts, then testing out might be an option for you. We’ll schedule a time for you to demonstrate competence in the foundational movements of CrossFit with a coach. After which you can jump into regularly scheduled classes. We want to maintain high standards for our athletes, so if you are unsure of your abilities, then we suggest taking the Foundations course. Cost for test out is $75. Please email Jennifer at to schedule a test out.


If you can’t make these dates, you can on-ramp with us in a private Foundations class one-on-one with a coach ($500). Please email Tom at if you have any questions concerning on-ramp options.