• Saturday, October 6th  - Stronger, Faster, Leaner - First Dunk - 6 Wk Challenge

 The competition will be in three categories with one male and one female winner in each: 
1. Lean mass gained in pounds
2. Fat mass lost in pounds
3. Percentage of fat lost

Winning team will be determined by aggregate ranking of the above categories. 

Rules: Everyone who signs up must commit to work out at least 3x a week for at least 4 of the 6 weeks of the challenge. If you can not commit for the entire 6 weeks, please wait for the next challenge, as incomplete results will automatically disqualify a team from winning. 

Mandatory team events will include one meal and one workout outside of the gym.

When: Oct 6 - Nov 17
Cost: $40 + Cost of Dunk
How: Simply sign up for your dunk on Oct 6 and the cost to participate will be automatically invoiced to your Wodify account. 

Dunks: Sign up for hydrostatic body fat tests. Get your starting point on Oct 6th and then your challenge results on Nov 17th. Schedule and pay for your dunk at Fitness Wave Norcal.

You must get dunked within 1 week of the challenge if you are not going to be getting tested at the gym. 

**Please note that only athletes who are going to participate in the challenge may schedule a dunk when the mobile site is at our gym **