Marvin Lam

Co-Founder & Coach

Marvin was inspired to be involved with sports since the age of 7 when he was lucky enough to play neighborhood football with the New Orleans Saints. Inspired by the raw athleticism of professional athletes he competed in many sports throughout high school. The college years were too academically consuming to pursue competing at the collegiate level. The first few years after graduating college were spent hunched over a computer and eating whatever was convenient. One day his friend challenged him to create a “30 before 30” list consisting of 30 activities he must complete before turning 30 years old. One item on the list was to just try CrossFit. He went to an intro class, fell in love with CrossFit, and has not turned back since. He now constantly strives to be a complete athlete and put up impressive pound for pound lifts. Marvin has been CrossFitting since April of 2010, and a CF-L1 trainer since November of 2010.

CrossFit – L1

Jennifer Hamdani

Co-Founder & Coach

Jenn hasn’t always been an athlete, but acknowledges CrossFit as the catalyst. To put it simply, CrossFit has changed her life and made her healthier in body and mind. The push she needed towards fitness were those extra 20 pounds she gained in college. After Jenn’s first introduction to CrossFit, she was hooked. She has been a part of the CrossFit community for five years and makes it her focus to learn as much as she can about the sport of fitness. You can find her high energy at the AM classes!

tom Hamdani

Co-Founder & Coach

Tom has been a lifelong athlete and runner. He grew up playing football, basketball and participated in the track and field. He was first introduced to CrossFit in 2010 by a friend who had seen great results in his fitness levels since joining a CrossFit affiliate.  Within 6 months Tom was at his peak fitness levels and managed to shave 2 minutes off his 5k run time without running outside of the CrossFit workouts.  He became a CF-L1 trainer in July of 2012 in order to help others reach their fitness goals and gain a deeper understanding of CrossFit.  Tom is still striving to improve his fitness levels through CrossFit and now coaches others to do the same.

Pat savage

Head of programming & Coach

Born and raised in a small, northern Maine town, Pat spent most of his youth competing in local tournaments of various sports. While he loved to play, very few recreational activities gave him a competitive drive. Then, as a student at the University of Maine, he tried CrossFit during winter 2008 when a dorm buddy convinced him to jump in on a group workout happening at the University Rec Center. He was already a certified personal trainer at the time, so he felt confident that he'd show them a performance for the ages. Alas, the workout was brutally hard and seemed impossible to finish (forget about him hanging in there with the guys who were seasoned athletes). Immediately thereafter was when the competitive edge he'd been searching for kicked in. He went home that night determined to perform and compete with others under duress. Over the next handful of years, he studied movement and the physiological effects of stress on the human body to create programming where he'd be impressive in the gym and stay healthy all the while. Pat completed his graduate degree in physiology in May 2012 and obtained his CF-L1 in April 2013. Today, his coaching eye is consistently pursuing techniques to help improve the athletes that come his way.

bryan chu

general manager & Coach


Bryan started his athletic career moments after he began walking. When his parents noticed that he developed an obsession with gymnastics after watching the 1992 Summer Olympics, they enrolled him in recreational classes where he excelled quickly. By age 9, Bryan was already competing. However, he grew tired of gymnastics by age 14, desperate for a social life. Gymnastics ruled his life so much so that after his first semester of high school, he quit his recreational gymnastics program and joined his high school swim team. It wasn’t his forte. Swimming actually made him miss gymnastics, but there was no going back. Then he saw tumblers in the movie “Bring It On,” and was inspired to give competitive cheerleading a try. He joined an all-star team in 2003, and he was a natural. In 2007 he was offered a scholarship to compete with a squad from South Florida. The following year, Bryan and his team won the World Championships of All-Star Cheerleading.

Bryan’s first job was at 15 years old, coaching the same recreational gymnastics classes that began his acrobatic career. He has been a gymnastics and tumbling instructor, cheerleading coach, choreographer, and camp leader. He coached competitive cheerleading for three years before returning to club gymnastics at the Golden Bear Recreational Facility via UC Berkeley. There he coached beginner’s gymnastics classes to students, where he was motivated to continue as a gymnast. He joined the UC Berkeley Gymnastics Club in 2011, and in 2016, he and his teammates became National Champions in the intercollegiate division.

Coach Bryan is an infectious bundle of energy. He's at the gym bright and early, coaching weekday mornings and noon classes.

Philip Jen

Olympic Lifting Coach

Depending on who you ask, Phil has taken the (a)typical journey through fitness. Swimming and playing water polo through high school, he became tired of the skinny and lithe physique that he had developed. After purchasing an unlimited membership to 24hr Fitness, Phil quickly embarked on a journey to learn and perform every isolation exercise known to man. Not content with small gains, he gravitated towards Starting Strength and Madcow's 5x5, and the rest is history. Phil started CrossFit in 2009, and has moved primarily into Olympic lifting, training with great coaches across California (Max Aita - Oakland, Sean Waxman - Los Angeles). He seeks to work with, coach, and train other athletes for the betterment of himself and those around him.

Jordan Nolff

Gymnastics Coach

Jordan began his athletic career at a young age, after his parents put him into gymnastics classes as a safer alternative to flipping around the house. He moved from New Jersey to the Bay Area to compete for Stanford University, where he was a two-time team captain and was part of two NCAA National Championship winning teams. After retiring from the sport of gymnastics in 2013, Jordan discovered CrossFit as an outlet to continue to push his level of fitness in a competitive and challenging environment.