Our CrossFit classes are for EVERYONE, regardless of skill level. You. Your neighbor. Their mom. Everyone. Workouts are scaled to your abilities. The coach-to-athlete ratio allows us to keep your movements safe and in check. And, best of all, you’re in and out in a hour.

Every class begins with a warm up, followed by strength or skill building (lifting or gymnastic movements, respectively), and concludes with a high-intensity workout. The program is different from one day to the next, so you won’t be bored, you’ll constantly be challenged, and you’ll inevitably find something fun.


Gymnastic classes last one hour and are taught by legit gymnasts—legymnasts. Each class focuses on skill building and is tailored to the individual athlete’s skill level.

Pull ups. Handstand push ups. Muscle ups. We’ll coach you through all of the ups and downs in gymnastics. We’ll break down movements to make the seemingly elusive completely attainable. You’re just a “point your toes!” “stay hollow!” and “relax your arms!” away from feeling like A CHAMP.

ALinea Barbell Club

All bar. All the time. There will be no WOD (workout of the day).

This isn’t your 24hr, mirror self-admiring curling session. You must be disciplined enough to follow 1.5-2 hours worth of programming on your own. You’ll focus on the finer points of Olympic lifting, heavy loading, and skill building. You’ll refine techniques to make your movements more efficient and barbell movements easier. Once a month, a barbell clinic is offered to assess your movement patterns.


Private Coaching

You want to lose 20lbs? Get ready for a half-marathon? Improve your game for a sport you play outside of CrossFit? (We’re not mad.) We’ll design a program specifically for you to help you achieve your fitness goals—whatever they may be.

You’ll have a dedicated CrossFit Alinea coach to keep you on track and motivate you to become a happier, healthier, more accomplished-feeling version of yourself.